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For those burning questions you've got...

Little list o' terms:

baka: idiot
kawaiikune: uncute
gi: fighting outfit; you see Akane wearing this whenever she's practicing in the dojo
bii: the act of pulling down one lower eyelid and sticking out the tongue in a taunting fashion; usually the sound made is "bii" or "nyah"
big-sweat: a verb used to describe that huge drop of sweat that occasionally appears on the head of a character in the anime or manga; signifies surprise, confusion, embarrassment, etc.
face-fault: dropping to the floor face-down, usually in surprise; it's sometimes accompanied by the trademark hand gesture that looks like a "hang loose" sign with the index finger added

If I think of any more, I'll add 'em. If you think of anymore, tell me!

When does this series take place?

After the end of the Ranma manga series. I haven't read/watched the entire thing, so I rarely make references to events that happen after the first few seasons. I do know how it ends, but since I'm not sure of the details, characters that come up in the latter part of the series won't be showing up here.

You know, Ryouga actually ends up with Akari...

Akari? Atari? Whossat?
I know all about the infamous Akari, and although she seems very sweet and cute, I prefer Ryouga with a woman of substance and verve, like Ukyou! In fact, Akari doesn't even exist in my version of the Ranma universe.