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Welcome to "Stir It Up!" If you're a returning visitor, then thanks for your continued support, despite my lack of updates in oh, about two years. And if you're new to this site and its blasphemous contents, then hope you like the stories! I've redesigned the page, but tried to keep it pretty simple - after all, what you're really after are the fics, right? Well, let's catch up with a little list of what all this is about:
  • The purpose of these fics are a. get Ryouga and Ukyou together! and b. get Ranma and Akane finally together!
  • I've tried to keep the tone pretty lighthearted and true to the anime and manga series, so I use some situations or phrases a lot.
  • This is a series, but I've tried to write them so you can still understand the stories just by themselves.
  • I started this series about two years ago, and I've taken a continuing 18-month break. (What can I say - I'm one of the laziest fic writers you'll ever read. ^_^)

I've revised all the stories - not majorly, just took out some excess mush that was way too obvious. And I'm also thinking about redoing some of the daydreams in "Dream a Little Dream" ... Okay, enough babbling from me! Here are the fics, and I hope to get the next one out soon!

the fics 
  • The Battle for Ranma: Tables are turned as Akane is forced to fight for Ranma - whether she wants to or not! Meanwhile, Ryouga and Ukyou devise another scheme to take advantage of the situation - with unpredictable results!

  • Ramen-a-Go-Go: Shampoo is up to her tricks again when she feeds Ranma something worse than Akane's cooking! Will true love prevail, or will Shampoo finally get her "airen?"

  • Dream a Little Dream: It's Career Day at Furinkan High and the entire Nerima gang ponders their not-so-distant future ... when they aren't fighting and eating!

  • Ranma Saotome: Professional Panty Thief: Happosai bounces back into town with a secret that has Ranma searching through all the panty drawers in Nerima. Is Ranma is training to become the world's biggest pervert?! be continued ...

So that's all I have finished right now! Yes, I have more to come, and if you're interested in what I have planned, follow this link. You'll find descriptions of the upcoming fics, as well as a little bit of blabbing.

Any questions, comments, raves, suggestions? Send 'em all over here! I love getting feedback! Or check out the new FAQ first!

Last updated: 5/5/00

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