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Going already? Well, considering how few fics I have, that's understandable. ^_^ Here are a few of my favorite haunts around the web - some Ranma-related, many not. If you want more Ranma fanfic links, go to my other link page. Otherwise, check out what I've else been spending all my time on!
  • Hearts of Ice: How can any self-respecting connoisseur of Ranma fanfic not put this on their favorites list?! This is a wonderful epic that's almost done involved Ranma rescuing Akane from a lonely existence in an icy dimension. Lots of action, drama, and romance!

  • The Pursuit of Happiness: Another great continuing serial, this time with our beloved bandanna boy in the lead! And of course, Ukyou plays opposite - what could be better?! Note: This site has been temporarily moved to the address I have linked to - sorry if this causes any confusion!

  • Magical Mystery Hibiki Tours: This is a great, FUNNY Ryouga & Ukyou series that takes place four years after the last Ranma episode. Being older lets them do much more interesting things ... like driving and getting totally smashed! (What were you thinking?)

  • Chelsea's Ryouga & Ukyou Fics: This is the most comprehensive list of Ryouga & Ukyou fics out there! Check it out - it'll put a big goofy smile on your face. ^_^

  • tinted spaces: Although you won't find any Ranma fics, there's plenty of good reading here, all written by the very talented Tin Mandigma. Her Card Captor Sakura fics are wonderful, and I'm eagerly awaiting anything else she writes! She's also linked to several other great fanfic pages too!
winamp skins 
  • Wai Wai Anime Skins: Alright, here's a shameless plug to my winamp skin site. This is what I spend all my spare time on. (now you know what to blame the extremely long hiatus from writing on ^_^)

  • Emily's Hunky Winamp Skins: Here's the site that started me off on making those damn things in the first place. Get prepared for some very pretty boys and even prettier skins. Emily also has a slew of other great anime-related pages - check them out!

  • Ragabash's Winamp Skins: Lovely images and simple, clean skins come by the dozen here. Tons of CLAMP, so if you like them, this is the place to go (especially for the bishounen)!

I have plenty more where those came from, but I doubt many of you are interested. (but if you are, then drop me a line and I can hook you up with more great sites!

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